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Common Misconceptions About Car Warranties

Car warranties are essential for protecting your vehicle investment and ensuring your peace of mind. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding warranties that can lead to confusion and missed opportunities. In this blog post, we’ll debunk common myths and provide clarity on car warranties.

Myth 1: “All Warranties Cover Everything”

Warranties have exclusions and limitations. Common exclusions include wear and tear, routine maintenance, and cosmetic damage. Read the fine print to understand what’s covered and what’s not. For comprehensive coverage, explore Click4Warranty where wear and tear is included with every policy!

Myth 2: “I Must Service My Car at the Dealership to Keep the Warranty Valid”

This is a widespread misconception. You can service your car at any reputable, VAT registered garage without voiding the warranty. However, keep records of all services and maintenance work, and follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Regular servicing ensures your warranty remains valid.

Myth 3: “Extended Warranties Are Expensive”

Extended warranties vary in cost but are more affordable than the alternative… unexpected and costly repair bills. Consider the long-term benefits: affordability, peace of mind, protection against major repairs, and preserving your potential resale value. Compare prices and choose a warranty that fits your needs and your budget.

Myth 4: “Used Cars Can’t Get Warranties”

Used cars are eligible for extended warranties. In fact, warranties can be especially valuable for used cars, as they protect against unforeseen issues. Look for reputable providers like Click4Warranty that offer fully insured and tailored coverage for used vehicles.

Myth 5: “I Can’t Transfer My Warranty When Selling My Car”

Many warranties are transferable with the vehicle. When selling your car, informing the buyer about the existing warranty can add value to your vehicle and provide reassurance to prospective buyers, potentially making your car easier to sell. Check the warranty terms for policy transfer details.

Myth 6: “Warranties Are a Scam”

While there have been cases of fraudulent warranty providers, legitimate warranties offer genuine benefits. Research fully insured, reputable providers, read their reviews, and choose wisely. A reliable warranty can save you a great deal of money and stress down the road.

Myth 7: “My New Car Doesn’t Need an Extended Warranty”

While new cars come with manufacturer warranties, these have limitations. They typically cover a specific duration (e.g., three years) or mileage (e.g., 36,000 miles). An extended warranty, especially for used cars, provides continued coverage beyond this initial period. Don’t assume your new car is invincible—consider an extended warranty for long-term protection.


Car warranties are valuable tools, but understanding the facts is crucial. Avoid falling for misconceptions, explore extended warranty options, and protect your car with confidence.

Remember, a well-informed driver is a well-protected driver! 🚗💡

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