Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered if my car is stolen “with” the keys?

Put simply, yes. In the most usual circumstance, where the home is burgled and keys stolen, Click4GAP will cover you.

We can confirm that there have been several settlements paid by us where the keys were stolen from the house and the car was subsequently stolen.

Only if there is evidence to show that you acted in a way that was deemed to be reckless (recognised the danger yet still invited it) would Click4GAP consider reviewing your claim.

As with all GAP insurance policies, the car has to be classed as a total loss and settlement paid by the motor insurer.

A usual clause of motor insurance is that a total loss would not be covered where the keys are "left" with the car.

This means that, if the motor insurer excludes theft where the keys are left unsupervised with the car, then there would be no total loss and therefore no GAP insurance claim.

We have chosen to keep our policy terms as clear and simple as possible, so we list this particular exclusion in the terms as follows:

"That occurred due to theft while the Vehicle ignition keys were left with Your Vehicle."

So to confirm, theft of your car where the keys have been stolen from a secure place such as your home or workplace would be covered by your Click4GAP insurance policy.


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