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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover named drivers?

Simply put, Yes! All Click4GAP policies will cover any person legally driving the car, with a full or provisional licence, provided they are either the policy holder or a named driver on the comprehensive motor insurance.

At Click4GAP, our experience and that of the underwriter allows us to write policy terms that are clear and uncomplicated. Therefore our terms simply state there must be a valid comprehensive motor insurance policy in force which covers the vehicle against fire, theft or accident as at the date of loss which was entered into between yourself and a registered motor insurer or a valid and in force comprehensive motor insurance policy, issued by a registered motor insurer, in which you are a named driver.

Often the policy holder noted on the Click4GAP policy schedule doesn't match the comprehensive motor insurance policy holder. As the insurer, this doesn't cause an issue at point of claim. We understand that often spouses, parents, partners etc. will be the holder of the comprehensive insurance, but may not the registered keeper of the car or the person who purchases the GAP Insurance.

As long as we can prove the connection of the beneficiary of the GAP Insurance for the car we have insured and the beneficiary of the motor insurance at time of total loss, claims will be considered in the normal way.