Frequently Asked Questions

Do you refund the tax disc (road fund licence) in the event of a Total Loss?

GAP insurance is designed to cover the cost of the vehicle itself should it be involved in an accident and written off, or stolen and not recovered.

In the event of a total loss, the tax disc can be refunded directly from the DVLA (minus their £7 admin fee) by filling out a V33 form. They will then automatically send you a refund in the form of a cheque, which should arrive within 4 weeks.

For a GAP insurer to list this as a feature is at best misleading. Click4GAP don’t list this as a feature, because there’s absolutely no benefit to you associated to the GAP policy.

Click4GAP is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is the independent regulator set up by Government to look after the financial services industry and protect consumers.

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