Frequently Asked Questions

Does Click4GAP cover all named drivers?

Simply put, Yes!

At Click4GAP, our experience and that of the underwriter allows us to write policy terms that are clear and uncomplicated. We understand that often spouses, parents, partners etc. will be the holder of the comprehensive insurance but may not be the registered keeper of the car or the person who purchases the GAP Insurance.

When a car is declared a total loss, either following accident, damage or theft, we ask for confirmation from the motor insurer the car was being driven legally by a named driver on a comprehensive motor insurance (even drivers with a provisional licence) or, if stolen, that it was comprehensively insured at time of theft. If the name of our policy holder no longer appears on any of those documents however, it wouldn’t necessarily invalidate the claim.

We suggest the Click4GAP policy holder is either the comprehensive motor insurance policy holder, the registered keeper on the vehicle registration document (V5), however you can simply be a named driver on the comprehensive motor insurance, even learner drivers on a provisional drivers licence!

If you’re unsure of the name to put your Click4GAP Insurance policy in, please email or call our UK based consultants. There is no charge to amend the policy holder name after purchase.

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