Frequently Asked Questions

I’m going to put a private plate on my car

That’s no problem at all. It is always best to buy GAP insurance sooner rather than later, to make sure you’re protected right away. So there’s no need to wait for your new registration number to be changed over.

If you already know what the new registration number will be, you can enter either of the registrations when you buy your Click4GAP policy.

If you’re not sure what the number plate will be then you can purchase your policy with the original registration number. Then when the new registration number has been changed over, simply email us as soon as you know that the transfer is complete and we will amend you policy to show the new number plate.

It’s also great to know that Click4GAP never charge for policy amendments!

Getting a new car is an exciting time, so if you do forget to let us know of such changes you can be assured that your claim would not be rejected. Just one less thing to worry about!


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