Frequently Asked Questions

Is the amount quoted a one off payment or an annual premium?

The premium advertised online is a one off payment for the whole chosen term length and represents the total cost for the policy.

You can rest assured that with Click4GAP there are no catches or hidden charges!

Your policy can be purchased using any major credit or debit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard and do not charge for paying with a credit card. Your payment will be taken via Sagepay, which is our secure payment system.

At Click4GAP, all you pay for is the insurance. There are no middle men, no brokers, no IT company and NO HIDDEN FINANCE COSTS!

All policies are paid for by a one off payment. If the charges aren’t added to the advertised premium to pay monthly, the provider will have already built them into the premium.

Here’s why, paying in monthly instalments is the same as borrowing money for your insurance premium, so it stands to reason there’s a cost – and you can bet the provider isn’t paying it out of the kindness of their heart!

This means you can be assured that Click4GAP policies provide the genuine protection and value for money as described on our web site.

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