Frequently Asked Questions

What claim limit should I choose?

It goes without saying that all cars depreciate, but even underwriters find it hard to predict exactly how much a car will depreciate by over time. As a guide, it’s reasonable to assume that most cars will depreciate by about 40% to 50% of its original value over 4 years.

If the car was declared a total loss, then your motor insurers will pay what the car is worth on that day. Over the course of 4 years (our maximum term length), your car could depreciate by roughly half of what you paid for it. Let’s assume that the car was written off just before the end of the 4 year term. This is when the car will be at its lowest value during the course of the policy. To make sure you’re covered for the worst case scenario, most people would choose a claim limit of roughly half the car value, plus a little bit extra to give yourself a buffer.

At Click4Gap we protect our policy holders from paying inflated premiums where the claim limit selected is likely higher than needed. For example on a £10,000 car, if you were to choose a claim limit of £7,500 instead of £5,000, the premium increase is just £1 for a three year policy! Just another example of how Click4Gap protects the consumer.

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