Frequently Asked Questions

What is a claim limit?

Simply put, a GAP Insurance claim limit is the maximum amount that your GAP Insurance will pay up to in the event of a valid claim. It is the most your policy will pay out on top of your motor insurer's settlement. You choose the claim limit when making your quote and with Click4Gap you can choose up to £25,000.

Whichever you choose this will be the maximum amount, between the loss value and the purchase value, which you can claim from your gap insurance policy.

We understand that choosing a claim limit can be confusing, so we protect our policy holders from paying inflated premiums where the claim limit chosen is likely more than needed. For example on a £10,000 car, if you were to choose a claim limit of £7,500 instead of £5,000, the premium increase is just £1 for a three year policy! Just another example of how Click4GAP protects the consumer.

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