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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Policy Terms

We have designed our web site to ensure there is clear access to policy terms available before, during and after purchase.

To this end, on the top menu bar of every page there is a "TERMS" button which will take you to the dedicated page that shows the current policy terms and the previous booklets for all types of policies going all the way back to 2004.

As you can see, we have been providing GAP Insurance online since 2004. During this time we have worked hard to make all the Click4Group products respected as the best of their kind and believe our policy terms reflect this.

Now more than ever, choosing a GAP Insurance policy that deserves your trust is easier said than done. The new FCA rules governing GAP Sales in force from September 2015 has led to a glut of new online brokers and affiliates with potentially little understanding of the GAP Market, splashing bold statements across the internet often falling short of the small print of off the shelf third party polices.

Our Surrey based consultants have reported an unprecedented increase in enquiries from policy holders who have received obscure advice and need expert information. We're happy to report that our policy sales have increased dramatically thanks to the experience we have gained, our bespoke polices and premiums set to reflect genuine, reliable protection.

Unlike other providers, our premiums are not market driven. Instead, we monitor the claim fund in real time allowing our low premiums to be maintained year after year.

We hope our policy terms will provide all the information you need in a clear, easy to understand fashion. However, if you have any questions, our Surrey based consultants are on hand and ready to help.

Policy Enquiries

Click4GAP 0208 819 3424 (option 4)

Weekdays 9:30 - 5pm (4:30 Fridays)

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