Frequently Asked Questions

Which policy should I buy if my car is under a contract hire or leasing agreement?

If when purchasing your car you signed up for a long-term contract hire agreement, and then the car was written off, you may end up owing the hire company more than your motor insurance company pays out at the time of loss.

This is where Return To Invoice Insurance (RTI) comes in. RTI would be suitable if your car was purchased under a contract hire or leasing agreement.

RTI pays the difference between the motor insurer’s settlement and the invoice price of your car. RTI can be purchased if your car is brand new or up to 7 years old, and was purchased under 3 months ago. The car can be paid for in cash, purchased on a purchased based finance arrangement (Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase), lease, personal loan or contract hire. A RTI policy is available for a maximum term length of 4 years and with a claim limit of up to £25,000. The claim settlement in full is paid directly to you.

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer Vehicle Replacement Insurance (VRI) if the car was purchased on a contract hire agreement or a leasing agreement.


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