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Car Insurance Quotes And The Need To Shop Around
It is highly recommended that you shop around for car insurance. Simply getting one or two quotes is no longer reflective of the car insurance markets prices. Many car insurance companies now specialise in insuring a particular group of drivers for instance young drivers or performance car drivers. Others specialise in family car drivers etc. We recommend that you at least 3 independent quotes. This is why we recommend that you get your next car insurance quote from as they will search around 300 insurers offering the best possible prices from big name insurance schemes in under four minutes. Get a quote now
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Why Use A Car Insurance Aggregator?
All car insurance companies work out premiums according to their own specific risk variables. These risk levels vary between insurers according to their chosen specialist fields.
Only a few insurers give discounted quote rates to young drivers, most car insurance companies will only offer discounted rates to drivers over 25.
Some car insurers give higher discounts for 3 or more years NCB while others only insure drivers with 3 or 4 years no claims.
There are only a few car insurance companies who insure drivers with penalty points or performance cars! Aggregators know who to ask!
Many car insurance companies give great online discounts, but give additional discounts to big aggregators. You should take advantage of this.
A specialist insurance company may be offering a great rate for your circumstances. Would you know about them? The aggregator does.
If you have penalty points, there are still some car insurance companies who can offer you a great quote. The aggregator knows who to ask!
Some car insurers are region specific, some have better rates for luxury cars than others. The aggregator knows who they are.
Some insurers charge up to 15% APR if you pay monthly installments. Pay in one payment and save!
Some car insurance companies give big discounts for multi car polices. The aggregator will find them for you.
Some insurers offer bigger discounts if you add your spouse. Aggregators know this and will seek them out for you.
Protect your No Claims Bonus if you can afford to. An aggregator will source car insurers who do this for you.
Did you notice a theme building there? Sure it's easy to see why Insurance Aggregators are fast becoming the most used car insurance quoting systems in Britain today.
Will You Miss The Boat With Your Car Insurance Quote?
Could you cover even a fraction of these points if you phone around one afternoon? You could waste hours and still miss the best deal!
Put your insurance where the smart money is...
Use a Car Insurance Aggregator for your Car Insurance Needs...
Use Click4Gap for all your gap insurance needs...
Visitors to the COMPAREtheMARKET.COM only need to enter their details once. Your details are automatically saved and allow you quick access to a range of quotes whenever required - making shopping for your car insurance online as simple and efficient as possible.
You Still Need Gap Insurance To Protect The Depreciation On Your Car Because Even Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Has A Shortfall!
Although you must have car insurance by law, the highest level of cover still leaves you with a financial shortfall. You see there is a gap between the insurance payout and your car / 4x4's original cost to you and the current market value or so called 'Book Value'. So if like the other million plus motorists discovering the benefits of Gap Insurance here in the UK every year you need Gap insurance you will still need to buy that from us here at You see even Fully Comprehensive Car insurance has a floor. You will have heard of Shortfall Cover or Gap Insurance. Gap Insurance is our specialty. Gap insurance gives you added protection if your car is declared a "Total Loss" by your car insurance company. Our RTI Gap Insurance allows you to get back the amount you paid for your car. The invoice price, not the current depreciated value! Our car gap insurance pays the difference between the amount your Motor Insurers settlement to you and the original amount you paid for your car!
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