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Car Insurance Quotes From 400 Car Insurers In Minutes!

Put a stop to endless hours searching for the best car insurance quote - instead find a range of competitive quotes at the click of a mouse thanks to COMPAREtheMARKET.com. Designed specifically to address the needs of the busy British consumer, COMPAREtheMARKET.com is a one-stop-shop, offering the best possible prices from over 300 big name insurance schemes in under four minutes.

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Visitors to the site only need to enter their details once. These are automatically saved and allow quick access to a range of car insurance quotes whenever required - making shopping for your car insurance online as simple and efficient as possible.

COMPAREtheMARKET offers a full range of car insurance quotes, but if you need complete peace of mind then you really need to consider Gap insurance. You will find a great quote for gap insurance from us here at Click4Gap.

You see even Fully Comprehensive Car insurance has a floor. Car Insurers only pay you back the 'Book Value' or current market value of your car should you need to make a claim on your car insurance policy. This leaves you with a gap between the amount you paid for your car and the insurance payout! 

You will have heard of Shortfall Cover or car gap insurance. Gap Insurance is our specialty. Gap insurance gives you added protection if your car is declared a "Total Loss" by your car insurance company. Our RTI Gap Insurance allows you to get back the amount you paid for your car. The invoice price, not the current depreciated value! Gap Insurance pays the difference between the amount your Motor Insurers settlement to you and the original amount you paid for your car!
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