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The Citroen Motor Company

The Citroen Car Range - Part 2

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French automaker Citroen continues to grow into one of the leading sellers of both private and commercial automobiles worldwide. While many of the company's one million-plus vehicles sales occur in western Europe, the company also sells 12-15 per cent of its cutting edge vehicles in other parts of the world. 

Citroen Car Gap Insurance by Click4Gap.co.ukCitroen was originally developed by Andre Citroen in 1919 with the mindset of mass-producing affordable consumer cars to rival what Ford was doing in the US. Over the course of time, Andre's company expanded into new product lines, new markets, and new ways of thinking. Today, the company is a leader in many markets with its light utility vehicles, sedans, vans, and other private autos. It is also quickly becoming a recognized leader in commercial vehicles for fleet, transportation, and trucking companies. 

Citroen has a tremendously full range of cars, ranging from hatchbacks, to sedans, to vans. What makes the company truly unique is its concept car focus. For instance, its C1 car model is called the "City Car", while the C2 is the "Urban Sports Car". The C3 is the "Stylish 5-Door Super-mini". Each vehicle has a definitive look and feel to match its name, but there is also a common sleek and branded look that clearly identifies their cars as part of the Citroen range. The innovative leadership and progressive vision Citroen carries today began with its founder in the early stages of the company. 

The Berlingo Multispace and the Berlingo First are a couple great examples of Citroen's excellence in the light utility vehicle market. The Multispace offers a stylish and sleek look but is referred to as "Surprisingly Spacious". The First offers the versatility of performance capability and utility vehicle. Even the 7- seat Grand C4 Picasso, the company's more "traditional" van maintains a sleek and stylish look. 

The Dispatch Combi and the Relay Combi are actually the vehicles the company seems to refer to as its van line. These vehicles seem to have a combined appearance and capability of a van and motor home. The Dispatch is said to be an "Above Standard Issue" while the Relay is "The Ultimate Crew Van". 

In its Fleet and Business lines, Citroen prides itself on offering vehicles that are extremely safe and reliable but that also set the industry standard for environmental friendliness. The company claims to have invented the "people transporter" with its Xsara Picasso car and the new C4 Picasso which can hold either 5 or 7 passengers. Citroen provides commercial vehicles used for people transportation, freight and trucking, and other business and logistics purposes. 

The leadership Citroen has established as a green car company that also provides innovative styles and features has contributed to its worldwide success. The company sells well over one million vehicles annual because of its ability to offer high value. Its green and technology-driven autos are still very affordable, with prices running from around 12,000 British Pounds to upward of around 24,000 British Pounds. 

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Citroen Car Gap Insurance by Click4Gap.co.uk
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