Top British Executive Cars for Sale in 2008

Top British Luxury Cars for Sale

Executive car brands continue to become more and more diverse. While many of the brand names are still the same, the models are becoming more complex and more diversified thanks to new innovations and creative concepts. Here are five great luxury cars for sale in the UK during 2008.

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1) Jaguar XJ 2.7 Diesel

With the "go green" movement at the height of its enthusiasm, what better place to start than the Jaguar XJ 2.7 Diesel, the UK's most green luxury car for the second year in a row, according to the Environmental Transportation Association's 2008 Car Buyer's Guide. Click4Gap sell Jaguar Gap Insurance! The guide examined over 1,300 car models in such areas as power, emissions, and fuel efficiency. The average fuel consumption of this car model is a remarkable 53.5 miles per gallon or 139 g/km of CO2 compared to a fuel consumption at 40mpg (manual) and carbon dioxide emissions at 190g/km back in 2004. The exterior design and wheelbase are other strengths of this luxury car. Jaguar as a company have always been aware that it cannot afford to sacrifice its core brand values and image for the sake of having a diesel engine and allowing owners to save a few mpg: compromising performance or refinement was never an option.

2) 2008 Bentley Arnage

The Bentley Brooklands was always powered by a six and a half litre 4-speed automatic V8 engine. Build as a rear wheel drive car with independent front and rear suspension. It was later replaced by the Bentley Arnage in 1998 as the Bentley flagship model first unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show. The 2008 version of the Bentley Arnage carries forward the tradition of this brilliant luxury brand. The Arnage is price in the mid-$250,000 range. Built for performance, the vehicle comes with a 6.75L V8 engine with 500 horsepower standard, but offer a modest fuel efficiency of just 10-15 miles per gallon. Consumers actually seem to prefer the aesthetic appeal the car over comfort and performance based on some consumer reviews.

3) Bentley Continental GT Speed

Another great new model in the Bentley line up is one of its most powerful car models ever, with up to 600 horsepower in its engine. Top speed for the car is over 200 miles per hour and the price tag is a cool $200,000. The Continental GT Speed has been lavished on in the interior, featuring diamond quilted leather and a turned aluminum dash. Quality and detailing work it is safe to say cannot be equaled. There is plenty of room for the driver in the cabin, and you get quite an overwhelming feeling of calm while sitting in that lavish cockpit. It's not cheap though, and combined economy of 17 mpg Ken Livingston and David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party will be making sure that you fill the parties coffers with lots of extra tax dollars! Shell and BP will love you too. The 396g/km CO2 figure is also frightening. Additional options are also available from the dealer, they are also very expensive expensive - but exclusivity has never come cheap. The combination of sleek style and enhanced performance make this cool Bentley a very affordable high-end luxury car model for 2008. Don't buy Bentley Gap Insurance direct from the Bentley dealership until you have a quote from us and see the difference! Same product, better value gap!

4) Jaguar XF

Guided by Ford leadership, the 2008 Jaguar XF is a cleaner version of the affordable luxury model, priced at around $50,000. The Jaguar XF is a sleeker and sexier luxury car than some of the older models. It offers a 420 horsepower engine and allows for comfortable seating for five. The car is a rival for the Audi S6.

5) Aston Martin DBS

As a company which prides itself on image and heritage you will always find the same hand built 6.0-litre V12 engine is the heart of the DBS. The DBS is powered by a six-speed manual gearbox, instead of a semi-auto paddle-shift, a major criticism of the Vanquish. The DBR9 and DBRS9 race cars are powered by an enhanced version of this same V12, tuned to produce in excess of 600 bhp. The street car has slightly less power though. The shared power plant continues the strong link between Aston Martin's road and race cars. A powerful name in British luxury car brands, Aston Martin offers its DBS, which was first recognized as the James Bond car in "Casino Royale." Fast developing into one of the brand's best models, the DBS boasts a 510 horsepower engine. The vehicles body is made from Aluminum, magnesium alloy and carbon fibre composite which reads more like a school science project than a shopping list for car parts materials! Carbon fibre is extremely lightweight and so strong that Formula One cars are made from the same stuff. All super cars and hyper cars worth with street credentials are made from carbon fiber. The Aston Martin DBS is hand built here in Britain at Aston Martin's headquarters at Gaydon, near Warwickshire. It also commands a high price tag of around £160,000 plus so you will need deep pockets to be able to afford one of your own.

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