How Affordable Is GAP Insurance?

Click4Gap are market leaders when it comes to providing cost effective online GAP Car Insurance and our policies start from as low as just £25 per year and our maximum payout is £25,000! So you can see the amount of cover that you actually get for your money represents incredible value.

In order to keep our services streamlined and easy to navigate, we offer the top three types of Car GAP Insurance. These are Vehicle Replacement Insurance (VRI GAP), Return To Invoice GAP and Return To Value. Our affordable polices can be purchased instantly and we can give you a competitive quote for the exact amount of protection that you need in less than a minute.

What Exactly Is Car GAP Insurance and Why Do I Need It?
Car GAP Insurance exists as buffer that protects a car owner against depreciation starting from the date that they purchase a new vehicle. Think of it as a top-up to your motor insurance.

If you buy a new or used car and you take out a comprehensive motor insurance policy then you might be surprised to find that the amount of money that your insurer will pay out typically will be nowhere near the amount that you actually paid for your vehicle in the event of the car being written off in the event of fire, theft or irreparable damage.

This is because comprehensive cover usually only entitles you to the market value of your car at the time of it being declared a total loss. So, if you paid £30,000 for a brand new car and it was involved in a head on collision two or three years later, your standard motor insurer might only provide a settlement worth £14,000 – which is an actual loss of £16,000 as far as the car owner is concerned. Car GAP Insurance is designed to pay the difference between the value of your car at time of the “total loss” insurance claim and the purchase price of the vehicle.

What Types Of Gap Insurance Does Click4Gap Offer?

In order to keep our costs low and to simplify the services we provide, Click4Gap offer the top three types of GAP Car Insurance which are designed to save motorists money whilst still providing full protection in the event of a claim
The types of cover we offer are as follows:

Return To Invoice GAP Car Insurance

RTI GAP pays the difference between the settlement the value of your car at time of the “total loss” insurance claim write-off and the value of your car at time of purchase. This can be taken out up to 90 days after the vehicle purchase date and is available for cars that are up to 7 years old and/or 80,000 miles.

VRI GAP Car Insurance (Vehicle Replacement Insurance)

This type of Guaranteed Asset Protection pays the difference between the purchase cost of a brand new like-for-like replacement vehicle and the value of your car at time of the total loss motor insurance claim. The main advantage of VRI GAP Insurance is that the cost of a new version of the same make and model that you are claiming for might have gone up considerably since you first bought your car. This difference is paid in full by the company that underwrites the Vehicle Replacement Insurance policy. VRI GAP can also be taken out up to 90 days after the car is purchased and is available for cars that are brand new, pre-registered and covered less than 500 miles.

Return To Value GAP Car Insurance

RTV GAP Insurance is suitable for a car that you have owned for more than three months. Unlike Return To Invoice or VRI GAP protection, Return To Value insurance protects the market value of a car from depreciation starting from the date that the policy is taken out. Again, the car must be less than 7 years old with a mileage of less than 80,000.

Buy GAP Insurance Online with Confidence

At Click4Gap, we have been in the business of providing high quality, low cost Guaranteed Asset Protection for well over twenty years (and for 7 years as an online provider). We have underwritten a huge share of the UK’s current GAP Insurance policies All of our products can be tailored to fit your individual needs and requirements and, as the main policy underwriters, we are able to offer enormous savings whilst still offering the same peace of mind and full protection that our competitors can only provide with much more expensive policies.
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