Motor Gap Insurance

Motor gap insurance (sometimes also identified as Return to Invoice Insurance (RTI), Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance (VRI), Back to Invoice Insurance, Total Loss Gap, Finance Gap, Shortfall Cover and Car Gap Insurance) is a type of gap insurance, offering customers the opportunity to protect and cover their new or used vehicle’s original value. In the event of an accident the motor gap insurance policy will pay out the deficit between the value of when the customer bought the vehicle and the depreciated insurance payout. For this reason Click4Gap has been in the industry for over twenty years now and is here to help all customers make informed decisions on their insurance choices. Do not hesitate to visit us online for a cheaper and easier solution to your gap insurance needs.

One of the types of Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance is Vehicle Replacement Insurance (VRI). This type of safety package is best suited to a new motor vehicle owner. No matter whether you acquired your car using cash, contract hire, finance or a leasing agreement, this package should suit you.

What this package allows you in the event of a total loss is a replacement vehicle, equivalent to your previous purchase (even if the value of the vehicle has increased). When you lose your vehicle (due to a theft or accident) this policy covers the difference between your motor insurance payout (from your all-inclusive insurance broker), and the true market cost of a new vehicle of the same make or in the same category.

Another type of car gap insurance package is Return to Invoice Insurance (RTI). This is the perfect option for anyone purchasing a new or used car and finance, cash, leasing or contract hire customers (no matter whether your purchase was made in cash, credit through a financial institution, or even through a contract hire agreement).

RTI pays out the difference between the depreciated total loss (post-accident or post-theft) amount covered by your comprehensive motor insurance package, and the original amount that you purchased the vehicle for (i.e. the invoice total). Basically, you do not lose any money.

Car Tyre Insurance gives you peace of mind and a guarantee against unexpected bills with new for old cover and no claims excess. Tyres can be expensive enough without worrying about emergency repairs or costly replacements.

For the last twenty years we have been providing motor gap insurance to the motor trade, and supplied thousands of policies to both new and used car owners in both business and personal sectors. Previously, you had no choice but to purchase gap insurance from the supplying dealers. Now today, with the help of the internet, more and more people are looking online for better value and for more information. Click4Gap’s website offers you the unique opportunity to by-pass the dealers and gain great access to lower and more affordable premiums. Our gap insurance company are able to offer you amazing savings for high quality gap insurance directly to you, by skipping the middle man, providing the best online premiums.

After you purchase a vehicle, directly after you drive it out of the dealer’s showroom or off the car lot, the vehicle begins to deteriorate in value. The most value is lost during the first year or two. Should you be unlucky enough to lose your vehicle in an accident (write-off) or due to theft, you will most likely find that your comprehensive motor insurance broker will only pay out the devalued amount, leaving you with outstanding debt to the finance company. Guaranteed asset protection will pay out the difference (or gap) between the two, leaving you debt free. It pays out the amount outstanding to the finance company, or the amount due on the purchase of the vehicle under the contact hire or lease agreement, to leave you debt free.

The reason you need motor gap insurance is mainly because of crime, especially vehicle crime, as it is increasing everyday. One often hears of people’s cars being stolen or even written off after having vehicle accidents without being able to replace the vehicle with one of similar value. This is due to the fact that at the time of your accident or car theft, you are only entitled to the current market value of your vehicle, no matter the original price you paid for the car. Motor gap policy covers and protects you in the event of car theft or an insurance write-off after a major accident. This gap policy will cover the difference between the depreciated insurance pay out and what you originally paid for the vehicle, which can sometimes be an extremely large difference due to car depreciation.

Return to Invoice (RTI) gap insurance or motor gap insurance is a cover for new and used cars for either cash or finance customers from any sector. This type of gap policy is even available to customers who choose to lease or hire cars as well. This type of insurance policy covers the individual for the difference between the pre-accident depreciated value of the car from the comprehensive motor insurance company and the original invoice amount that you had paid for your car. This means that you are guaranteed to get back the original price that you paid in full.

Gap insurance, Return to Invoice and motor gap insurance are policies designed by comprehensive insurance companies as an additional cover in the event that your vehicle is stolen or classified as a write-off in an accident. This type of policy will pay out the difference between the depreciated amount from your comprehensive motor insurance, value of vehicle before the incident, and the price you originally paid for the vehicle.

The return to invoice or motor gap insurance provides you with value for money. As an example: if you car is stolen or written off within eighteen months and your purchase price was ten thousand pounds, your insurance may have depreciated the vehicle already by five thousand two hundred pounds, therefore your gap insurance will pay out five thousand two hundred pounds.

Almost everyone is eligible for motor gap insurance, return to invoice insurance, finance gap or vehicle replacement gap; anyone that purchases a new vehicle, registered within the United Kingdom, even a second-hand motor vehicle can be covered. A motor insurance package will be required, if you are not covered by a comprehensive motor insurance institution, there will be special terms arranged. However, the vehicle cannot be an emergency vehicle, truck, heavy good vehicle, bus or taxi. You benefit from this type of comprehensive protective insurance when your vehicle is either stolen or declared a write off from your comprehensive motor insurance company, what the insurance company will pay out the depreciated value for the vehicle at the time of the write off, which could end up being far less than what you originally paid for the vehicle. For this reason Click4Gap should be your first stop when thinking about gap insurance products. Our friendly and helpful service for over twenty years makes us stand out from the rest, with great value for money for all your motor gap insurance needs. Feel free to email us at any time, or visit us online to provide you with all the information and pricing you might need with the click of a button.
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