The New Audi A3 TD range is one of the most efficient and aerodynamic hatchbacks on the market today.

Improved fuel consumption and reduced emissions from the diesel engines of the TDI and TDIe equal power and performance while still being fuel efficient and relatively eco-friendly.
With luxury sporty cars such as this, you can expect as much as fifty per cent of it's value to be wiped off within it's first four years on the road due to depreciation. If you were unlucky enough to have an accident and your beautiful, sleek new Audi A3 was deemed by your insurance company to be written-off, you would not get anywhere near what you paid out from your insurer. This is why gap insurance is so important.
The new Audi A3 has a contemporary and distinctive design. The extensive range of diesel engines offer a wider choice and include 5 and 6- speed manual gearboxes. The A3 is full of innovative technology features including the S-tronic transmission which is specifically designed to make ultra fast seamless gear changes. The enhanced Quattro permanent 4 wheel drive distributes the power across all four wheels and provides exceptional grip on all surfaces.
The A3 combines the styling of a sports car and the practicality of a hatchback. The interior which was inspired by the S3 and TT models offers a variety of updated design features including an funky modern instrument cluster and new inlays and upholsteries.
It has low drag, low wind noise and is stable even in high crosswinds. The front end design makes it distinctively an Audi with its chrome single frame grille and redesigned headlights. There is a soft touch luggage compartment release for your convenience.
You can create your own Audi A3 with custom options to set your vehicle apart from the rest. There are unique custom mixed paint colours and seats in a combination of complementary shades. You can also customise the interior inlays to give your A3 a unique polished look. The steering wheel comes in a choice of colours to match your interior and is made of rich smooth leather.
Audi has combined some of the most popular elements of the exclusive range into one beautiful colour co-ordinated package. You can have two-tone Nappa leather sports seats and Audi's exclusive door sill trims. This package also includes brushed aluminum inlays to give the interior an overall sporty and finished look.
With the new Audi A3 you will get all the benefits of a sporty hatchback and high quality and performance all in one compact vehicle. It is customisable and offers a wide range of options to enable you to personalise your vehicle. The Audi A3 TDI range offers a combination of luxury and value.
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