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The BMW520d

The BMW 520d is known in the automotive industry as one of the best cars on the market due to its reputation as a dynamic car with a superior engine build, ultra reliability and their comfort levels. The 520d has been the market leading vehicle for the past 7 years and quite possibly may continue to be just that for another 5 years!

As one of the UK's leading online gap insurance companies we would love to provide you with a BMW gap insurance quote on your new BMW520d or any other BMW be it a 1 Series, 3 series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series M series. We provide quotes online or the phone and are happy to speak to you when you have a question to ask.

The latest BMw320d SE for 2010 costs OTR £28,165 is a diesel powered motor kicking out a massive 184 bhp and accelerates from 0 to 60 in around 8 seconds! It is good for the environment too as it only produces a reported 135 (g/km) of CO2 and that's really helpful when it comes to paying for the car tax. BMW have claimed a staggering combined fuel consumption of 56 mpg but expect it to be closer to 50 mpg if your a normal driver.

GAP Quote BMW 520d Reliability

The BMW 520d are reliable luxury cars that are well engineered and made to display perfection. The BMW 520d is all about sophistication, elegance, and magnificence! When you purchase a BMW 520d you know that you are definitely going to get your money’s worth from this vehicle.


One of the greatest things about a BMW is the smooth ride. The 2 liter diesel engine sounds absolutely terrific and for a diesel, don’t think it’s much more noisy than a petrol engine either. The BMW 520d is very economical with a 70 liter fuel tank you should get 55 plus mpg combined and that is a lot from a luxury car of any type. The BMW530d SE gets around 40mpg too, not bad for a big motor at all.

The ride is so smooth that the speed of the car can be deceiving. Many times consumers will laugh with a smirk on their face as they mention to others that the ride is so smooth that they thought they were only driving 35 when in actuality they were driving 65 miles an hour. The reason for this is that the BMW 520d is powerful and BMW have managed to refine their diesel engines to a higher level than many of the competitors in the luxury car segment. Jeremy Clarkson wrote that although it seemed he could not fault the new 320d, he wanted a higher revving petrol engine, but judging by his overall review he had nothing but praise for the latest 520d and quite frankly the average profile of a 520d owners will most likely not be the type of person who wants to pass 6000 rpm anyway.

Quality, Comfort and Accessories

BMW makes, make the best car parts in the world. The new 320d has a Euro NCAP rating of 5, advanced Head Protection System or AHPS II for short, Run-flat tyres with Tyre Puncture Warning System or TPWS for short and Park Distance Control (PDC), front and rear. That’s the audible alarm you hear when reversing or parking in your garage etc.

If you are still planning to buy car insurance don’t forget to remind your car insurance broker that your new BMW520d has a Alarm system (Thatcham 1) with remote control and an engine immobiliser too! That really will help with those all important insurance prices! As we mentioned above, don't forget to get a gap insurance quote to protect yourself from car depreciation! 

BMW HAS ONLY ONE FLAW - NEW CAR DEPRECIATION IS HIGH. As a gap insurance company we insure new cars and used cars up to £50 000 or 7 years old at the time of inception.

For those who simply love the buttons, the BMW520d SE comes with cruise control with brake and speed limiting function, a Start-Stop button, excellent radio cd systems and Blue tooth telephone preparation and on the exterior one must not forget the trademark Shark-fin aerial at the rear. All of their high quality auto parts are designed to last a long time. BMW's make nothing but the best and they guarantee the quality of all their cars and car parts. Other car companies like Honda, Mercedes and Lexus hold their value well, but their performance is not even close to the BMW 520d. A Honda, Mercedes and Lexus will not have the same tight handling as a BMW 520d, and love or hate the BMW styling of late, they don’t look as appealing on the eye either. Consumers that have driven all three of those cars have given testimonials that a Honda, Mercedes and Lexus does not drive as smooth and well-controlled around a corner as well as BMW. BMW have excellent onboard stability control systems. BMW's are highly functional cars with durability, stability and high performance all way round.

The old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” but with a BMW 520d, you get 10 times more than what you pay for – BMW 520d out rank all the cars in their class. You don’t believe me then see for yourself. All it takes is one good test drive to prove why BMW 520d are the best luxury cars on the market and why everyone worldwide loves them.

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