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Car Theft Rising in Rural Towns & Villages - What Can You Do?

Having your car stolen is not only heartbreaking, it can also leave you severely out of pocket if you don't have gap insurance cover. According to recent statistics, the top five British places to have claims filed for theft of a vehicle or of the items within a vehicle are all smaller rural towns. This has amazed many, who thought that the highest rates for car theft would have been seen in larger urban cities. While many cities did in fact make the top 20 list, only less famous car-crime outposts were featured in the top five and these are:

1.East Sussex village of Winchelsea
2.Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Cleveland
3.The village of Godstone in Surrey
4.Treorchy in Mid-Glamorgan
5.Buckhurst Hill in Essex

What Can You Do to Help Reduce Risk?

Anyone can take many easy steps to ensure their car's safety. The first step should be the removal of anything from the vehicle that might look enticing to a crook. This includes computers, sat nav systems, stereos and mobile phones. Just because you live in a small village where everyone knows everyone it does not make you immune from car crime. Indeed, thieves often rely on that level of trust and you will just be making yourself an easy target by leaving valuables inside your car.

Are your keys left on display? Thieves are even snatching keys from hooks in the porch, so always lock your front door and keep your keys out of site. The most common times for these crimes are around 4pm to 7pm as this is when most of us are arriving home from work. Having an automatic security light at your front door should make it less likely your house will be targeted, as will letterbox visor guards and obscured windows in your front door. 

Bury police have experienced this problem and have issued their own warning that the common practice of leaving your keys close to the front door is allowing criminals to "fish" for them through the letterbox using a cane with a hook or a magnet on the end. Some only need walk in as front doors are not always locked!

Next, you can look into equipping your vehicle with an alarm system or at least a steering wheel lock, which lets thieves know that your car is protected. Make sure that your car insurance policy covers things like your stereo, if fitted, and anything else which you cannot remove easily.

Lastly, you can avoid parking your vehicle in questionable areas - especially at night - and do not leave your car in exactly the same spot for long periods of time. This could send a signal to thieves that you are out of town and turn your car into a temptation.

Although there has been an increase in the number of car thefts within small rural areas, it is important to remember that it can occur anywhere. Following the tips above you will be in a better position to safeguard your vehicle against the possibility of future attacks.

If you need advice or have information that could help curb car crime please ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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