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Driving in the Snow - Even though snow is beautiful and fun to play in; it is also a dangerous driving nightmare. It may not happen very often but you should always be prepared so you don't end up stranded or injured due to severe weather.

Be prepared! Things to keep in your car during the winter months are: warm and waterproof clothes, heavy boots, thick socks and gloves, and some blankets or a sleeping bag. Also include an ice scraper, a torch, water and some non-perishable foods such as candy bars.

Slow Down! This may sound like stating the obvious; however it is easier to control your vehicle at lower speeds. Driving in snow is a tricky balance of maintaining momentum whilst not gaining too much speed. Here in Britain the snow is very thin and overnight snow is more likely to freeze than melt! This means we wake up to icy road conditions and things can get very dangerous. Accidents are common in winter as UK motorists are not used to severe driving conditions. As a country we are not prepared for extreme weather as (amazingly) it does not occur frequently enough for us to set up the appropriate infrastructure to cope with conditions. It really is up to each and every motorist to do his part in keeping the roads safe.

Getting Stuck! Don't panic. There is plenty you can try to do to get you on your way again. Try rocking the car back and forth with the gears to get you unstuck. You can also try to clear the snow in front of your tyres. If this doesn't work, call for help and stay in your vehicle until help arrives.

Stay Home! When road conditions are risky and unsafe if at all possible stay home. You can work from home or spend time playing in the snow with your family. It is better to be safe than have to deal with an accident, possible injury, or even a written-off car.

Just keep these tips in mind when that unexpected snow storm blows into your area. That way you can avoid unwanted delays and injuries. The best thing is to stay home and enjoy looking at the snow from the inside of your home where it is warm and safe.

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