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Which Car GAP Insurance Product Do I Need?

There are currently two main types of Car GAP Insurance that are designed to provide full Guaranteed Asset Protection for those who choose to purchase a new car outright using cash and these are Return To Invoice Car GAP Insurance and Vehicle Replacement Insurance (or VRI GAP Car Insurance).

Return To Invoice, or RTI Gap Car Insurance, is designed to eliminate the shortfall between the price that you paid for your car on the invoice and the amount that your insurance provider says that your car is worth when making a settlement on a total loss claim.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance, or VRI GAP, provides the cash difference between the cost of a like-for-like replacement car and the value of your car at time of “total loss”. The added protection is invaluable as the cost of a new replacement might be considerably higher than the original price that you paid at the time of purchasing the insured car.

Both of these products are designed to protect the motorist against falling car prices and vehicle depreciation in the event of a car being considered a total loss.

When you consider that there are certain makes and model of brand new car that can lose up to fifteen percent of their recommended retail value just a few seconds after the moment that you first turn the keys in the ignition, taking out an affordable GAP Car Insurance Policy makes total sense as it can provide complete peace of mind in an otherwise disastrous situation which could seriously dent your finances.

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Although you may be offered a Car GAP Insurance policy at the same time that you purchase a new car from a showroom or dealership, it pays to be frugal and shop around for the cover you need using the internet instead. When you choose to buy GAP Car Insurance online, directly from an FCA approved Guaranteed Asset Protection underwriter that specialises in this type of cover (such asClick4Gap), you could literally save yourself hundreds of pounds whilst enjoying the same level of protection!

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