Internet or Footwork?

Which is the best way to go about buying a new car

You wouldn't buy a satsuma from the internet, so it would be foolish to buy a car without inspecting it first. After all, a car is a much bigger investment than an item of citrus fruit. Still, the Internet is a great place to start looking for car dealers in your area, especially those who offer great deals on GAP insurance and GAP cover. However, it's often the case that things are cheaper when you buy online, so it's worth checking out both options.

Anyone who wants to sell anything will try to convince potential buyers that the product is better than it is. This is why it is essential to inspect any vehicle that you may want to buy. A new car will cost a lot of money, so you will want to test-drive it, as well as having a pre-prepared list of questions for the dealer.

As well as asking friends and family if they can recommend a good dealer, take a look at their website. The most reliable car sellers are sure to have a good website. They will not have tried to cut corners, so you will be able to tell as soon as you go to their site that it looks professional and that they can be trusted. It is only after reassuring yourself that the seller has taken time and trouble to get the website right that you should consider visiting them.

Once you are there, have inspected the vehicle, been for a test drive and discussed the price, it is time to ask about GAP insurance. Making the right decision at the beginning could save you a fortune if the vehicle is written off at a future date. This way, you will know that your investment is protected.

With today’s motorists turning to car warranty cover as one of the most effective ways to ensure peace of mind should their car break down due to electrical or mechanical failure. While all manufacturers of new cars offer some kind of warranty cover the cost of repairs should things go awry, again search online for cheaper alternatives.

Searching the internet is a fantastic way to do some initial research, but it is only by visiting a showroom, and meeting the salesmen in person, that you can judge how the business operates, and just how much you can trust the people involved. A little bit of free research into the dealership and the way they operate, as well as their GAP insurance options, will save you time and money in the future.

When buying any car insurance consider the age of your car and its value. Car insurance does have a shortfall and that is why GAP insurance exists. We pay out the money your car insurer does not! That's your car depreciation since the purchase. Buy GAP insurance to protect yourself from the losses new car owners experience due to depreciation. Get a no obligation car gap quote online, or phone us on 0844 357 8300 (Maximum call charge from a BT land line is 5p a minute. Calls from other networks may vary)

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