Mini's Crossover 4X4 Concept

The Mini Crossover Concept is a four wheel drive Mini and is a "design study" to test the reaction of the public to the fourth Mini model range. If this version is successful BMW will produce other versions in the future.

It is being billed as the "4X4X4X4" Mini because it features four wheel drive, has four doors, four single seats and measures four metres in length.

The Crossover has a unique rear door setup. The driver's side rear door slides open along the outside of the car. It was designed this way to allow convenient access when loading and also has a frameless window when open. The backwards opening door also swivels to one side so it is easier to load longer items.

It also has four full sized seats which can be individually adjusted. They are linked by the new Mini "Centre Rail" which extends from the dashboard through the middle of the car and down to the rear. The dashboard also has a new display and control "globe". It is a 3D model earth which hosts the entertainment, communication and satellite navigation functions.

The Mini which is owned by BMW is one of the cleanest car companies in the UK. They have slashed their carbon emissions across all models by nearly 11 percent from 2007 according to Clean Green Cars.

BMW is referring to the Mini Crossover 4X4 Concept as an X6-styled Sports Activity Vehicle. The car is styled after the other Mini's but will be higher for ground clearance. It will have the familiar Mini nose with the hexagonal grille and softly shaped lights. It will have the Mini's non-wedged outline and the horizontal separation of roof, glasshouse and body. The lights, mirrors and door handles are set into a single panel rather than being aligned with the other cut-lines.

The Mini Crossover Concept will be able to accommodate four adults and may be classified as the first family Mini. This car is stylish in looks and built with an unique interior design. The Crossover Concept is definitely distinctive and will be a fun Mini to drive.

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