Parents Turning To Gap Insurance

For Their First Car - Gap Insurance is the answer to Depreciation

Parents buying their teenager their first car should consider the effects of new car depreciation. Gap insurance is proving to be the answer many buyers are turning to. What many do not realise is that car buyers are able to buy gap insurance for both new and used cars

*As soon as the car you purchased for your teenager leaves the driveway deprecation starts to take effect.

*There is a vehicle stolen every minute and around 33% of those stolen are never recovered.

*Your teenager’s vehicle can depreciate by up to 77% over a three year period.

*During the first year of driving, teenagers are twice as likely to make an insurance claim as those over 25.

*According to a traffic report by the WHO, young drivers (18-25) are involved in more than 21% of accidents in the EU.

*Gap insurance will protect you if the need arises. If your teenager’s vehicle is deemed a total insurance write-off or stolen you will have coverage to protect you from any financial loss.

Different types of gap insurance exist - for a policy which best suits your needs call the UK gap insurance specialists 0844 357 8300 today!

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