Porsche Unveils First Ever Saloon

Porsche has finally unveiled their first four-door Porsche saloon, the Panamera.

It is still months before it goes on sale but photos of this delux "family" car are finally available and the Panamera certainly has striking and appealing looks. Due to go on sale at the Shanghai Motor Show this April, the new car will accommodate four occupants in individual sport seats. The rear seats will fold to allow for more luggage room.

There will be a wide range of models and engines which include V6 and V8. There is also a hybrid version of the Panamera in development and ranging between 300 to 500bhp. The Panamera will be the fourth model range provided by Porsche.

This is a spacious car that is 2 metres wide and nearly 5 metres long. It is shorter than its rivals but quite a bit wider. The Panamera is sleek and has the styling of the 911 sports car. All versions will have a hatchback and will seat four adults in comfort and also carry their luggage.

The range starts with a V6 powered with 300bhp model and has two-wheel drive. There will also be a petrol hybrid that has Tiptronic transmission and will be two-wheel drive. The range also includes a four-wheel drive 300bhp V6 and a V8 with 400bhp that comes in both two and four wheel drive. Then there is the mighty 500bhp twin turbo V8 engine that will do 200mph and is four wheel drive.

Interior images have only just been released - have a look at motortorque.com for these - the Porsche Panamera will provide top notched comfort for both the front and back seat passengers. The new Panamera range was designed as a four door grand touring sports car. It will offer all of the amenities that are typical in a Porsche including sporting driving dynamics, a spacious luxurious interior and supreme driving comfort.

With an entry-level model costing in the region of £80,OOO it is unlikely that too many will be seen on recession-hit Britain's roads any time in the near future. But for some hopefuls there is a chance that the odd older model 911 could come onto the used car market at a relatively affordable price - and if you've got the cash, then why not?!

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