The Skoda Yeti

New Value SUV!

The Skoda Yeti has just recently been unveiled and it is the production version of the Yeti compact SUV which was first seen as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005.

The Volkswagen Czech subsidiary, Skoda, announced that this is their first ever SUV model to go on sale in Europe. It is speculated that the Yeti will have some key modules from Volkswagens Tiguan SUV and a mixture of other models with the German Group.

The official introduction of the Skoda Yeti SUV is at this year's Geneva Motor Show. It will be equipped with a four wheel drive transmission along with a more economical FWD option. This SUV is 4.2 meters long and is a 5 door hatch with 17 inch alloy wheels.

The Skoda Yeti will be available with a line-up of 5 engine options. Two of them will be petrol and the other three are diesel versions. The entry level model will come with a 1.2 litre TSI engine generating 103bhp and is only available with front wheel drive. The petrol 4-wheel drive models will have a 1.8 litre turbo-charged engine that will produce 158hp. The diesel models are common rail with the basic engine generating 109hp and are available in 2 wheel drive only. The more powerful versions will have 138hp and 168hp and both are four wheel drive.

The Skoda Yeti has a classic rugged and sporty look with aluminum front door handles and the rear door handles are hidden in the C-pillars giving it the look of a three door vehicle. This version has a multifunctional rear door. The tilting partitioned lower lid allows for transporting bicycles. The inner part of the lid prevents water and dirt from leaking into the interior.

The Yeti is a spacious yet compact SUV with 1,760 litre luggage space with the rear seats folded down and it also has a luggage cover and cargo net features. This vehicle has maximum functionality and numerous innovative features typical of the Skoda brand. This is an ideal for all people who live active lives and enjoy the comforts and features that a SUV has to offer.

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