Get Noticed With the Corsa VXR 888

If you are looking for a supermini that can turn heads, then the Vauxhall Corsa VXR model could be just the thing you need.

Back in 2007 Holden, (Vauxhall) were already considering unleashing the VXR to the export markets. It is understood that they had reservations that the motors may prove to be too expensive for retail, but luckily for some this never stopped the VXRs' development from continuing. It does not take much to realise that this compact little hot hatch is and would always be aimed squarely at the younger drivers market! It is the baby brother of the famous beast the Vauxhall Vectra VXR. Some say it's a lunatics' vehicle, others think it's wonderful but so powerful far too much restraint is required; still others worship its pure power on the track every weekend. Simply put "Buckle up for the ride!" As Vauxhall strives to once again prove itself to be a major contender, they have turned quite a few heads with the new Corsa VXR 888. Did you know there is a Meriva VXR, Monaro VXR, Zafira VXR, Vectra VXR and a Astra VXR too - all of which qualify for gap insurance as well!

With its 17 inch alloy wheels, massive triangular rear exhaust, and rear diffuser on the back bumper, this is a true hot hatch. Plush interior bucket seats, waves, spoilers, skirts as optional extras all make this a car which can't help but get noticed. All these fancy mods may turn you on - but don't come cheap either. So before you take the plunge on all the bells and whistles, ensure that you have enough left in the kitty for car insurance and gap insurance.

A huge part of the attraction of this latest offering from Vauxhall is the 1.6-litre turbo engine, capable of 0-60mph in only 6.8 seconds. This Corsa tops out at 140mph which places its performance far above any other car in its class. With a massive 189bhp, and a new exhaust system that produces a satisfying rumble; this tiny car demands attention.

Although the car might look a bit wild, it handles like a pro, with a surprising amount of grip on the corners. There is an amazingly fast action traction control system that helps to set the car right when you over-steer, and the suspension is adequate as well.

When it comes to driving performance, there may be other cars that perform better. However, where appearance and overall performance of the vehicle are the judging criteria, no other car can even come close. The Corsa VXR 888 is perfect for anyone looking for a hot hatch that provides power, performance, and "look-at-me" appeal.

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