Honda's New Way to Jazz Up Your Front Drive

There are some fantastic little cars - so-called "Super-minis" - on the market right now. If you are thinking of buying a new Honda, remember that Click4Gap can offer gap insurance to protect your investment at a fraction of the price you may be offered it for direct from the dealership.

Like most other big manufacturers, Honda has taken quite a downturn in the UK; their production decreased by 20% in the last year, and their plant in Swindon will be closed for February and March because of decreased production.

Like a true champion though, they had a record year as far as car launches were concerned in 2008. The new Honda Accord was launched before all of the economic craziness hit, and at the end of last year a bright light emerged with the release of the Honda Jazz.

The Honda Jazz may be just what this raw economy needs, as it offers exceptional value for those looking to save a pound or two, and it still provides top quality style, comfort, and space. Honda's own description: The new Jazz "accommodates all your needs in a truly advanced personal car".

In its early years, Honda was well known for its space saving capacities, and they carry on that tradition with the new Jazz's boot which offers a whopping 399 litres of storage. The rear shelf can be manoeuvered in four different positions to accommodate even the bulkiest of luggage. Even with all of this extra storage space that rivals many other cars on the market today, the Jazz still provides plenty of leg and head room for even the tallest of passengers. This car is a woman's dream, with cubby holes located all throughout the car, and the dashboard is designed with ease of use in mind.

The engine on the Jazz comes in either a 1.3L or 1.5L petrol engine; boasting an astounding 51 miles out of one gallon of petrol on the low end of the scale. The engines' performance and efficiency has been improved over past models, and the difference surely shows.

Prices start as low as £10,000, making this an outstanding deal for families or individuals looking to cut costs, and with the many features and expert quality, you won't miss a thing. All of this combines to make the Honda Jazz one of the best car choices for this weakening economy.

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