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Reviewed - The Ford Focus ECOnetic 2010

The Ford Focus ECOnetic 2010 has it all, High Performance, Cost Efficient, Environmentally Friendly, Comfortable, Safe, & Reliability

"Ford Focus Econetic is a front wheel drive 1600 turbo diesel boasting 90 or 106 PS, five-speed gearbox, stop and start technology, 5 speed manual gearbox and looks terrific."

The Focus ECOnetic has one of the lowest CO2 levels in its market; it gives off just 99 g/km of CO2. If you are not too familiar with car speak, that means FREE Car tax. So buying one means you save a fortune each year! Now you can ut that saving towards paying for 3 years gap insurance from us here at Click4Gap.co.uk if you like. Gap insurance is a lot cheaper when purchased online. It protects the value of your car by insuring yourself against new car depreciation, and that could mean thousands of pounds per year. The fuel economy has an outstanding 74.2 mpg (combined cycle) and with no road tax to pay it's not only a great deal but a sensible option too.

This car is designed to perform very well and does provide an excellent overall package for the owner. There is some very exciting new technologies which Fords clever engineers are keenly experimenting with called stop start technology. Many of our clients may already be familiar with this. What happens is the engine is killed whenever the vehicle is brought to a complete stop, automatically restarting when the brake pedal is released. Remember the Toyota Prius? That was the car that got us all talking about this technology so well known. The developmental costs have been high for Ford, but they have pulled through for us. And pulled through with flying colours I might add. Just one thing, consider making sure you get a quality car warranty from the dealership, repairs to these new technologies can be costly so if buying a trade in Focus bear this in mind.

Many drivers have reported that they had a positive if not somewhat mixed experience with Volkswagens Golf Bluemotion, priced at around £17,000 its a smidge cheaper than the Focus, looks less attractive and the most important thing to remember is that while the Volkswagen needs long drives to hit its green targets, the Ford requires short trips to be greenest. So needs should dictate requirements on that front.

The Benefits of the Ford Focus ECOnetic 2010

Fords developers have ticked many of the boxes a great family car should provide. There is practicality, clever electronics that manage the fuel consumption for you, no matter how heavy your foot is, eco drive tyres, they offer lower rolling resistance when driving, and stiffer lower suspension which in turn help the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle reduce drag. Not only does the Focus boast stop/start technology but it also incorporates smart regenerative charging and advanced battery management systems. Some benefits of the Ford Focus include:

  • Highly fuel efficiency thanks to longer gears and stop/start technology
  • First vehicle to provide an eco mode system as a standard
  • Reduced road noise levels
  • Regenerative charging keeps the battery charged
  • An attractive looking body shape that actually aid fuel efficiency
  • Attractive interior
  • A very comfortable interior
  • Bodywork flows and exhibits style and excellence
  • Great to drive on the open road
  • A smooth ride in both urban roads and the motorway too
  • Great fuel consumption wi9th close to 48 mpg when driving fairly hard

The Ford Focus ECOnetic 2010 is going to be a very popular choice with the British motoring public. Ford has raised their standards over the past few years and the Ford Focus ECOnetic may just be one of the best environmentally friendly cars on UK roads this year. The Ford Focus ECOnetic 2010 is built to save you money on diesel without massive performance costs. If you are looking for a well-rounded car with numerous benefits including money saving and environmental aspects then this may be the car for you.
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Ford Focus

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