Why buy a new car?

Everyone has their own personal reasons for buying a new car. It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you have a shiny new vehicle sitting in front of your home. To me it is a mixture of excitement, pride and just an outright giddy feeling.

So enticing is the promise of new that some people will go to many lengths to justify their indulgence, regardless of the average forty-odd per cent car depreciation which will befall a brand new vehicle in the first few years of its life with you.

The "new car smell" is a unique one. Some people don't like it, but on the other hand there are even air freshening products on the market today that carry that scent. So it seems to me that I am not in the minority. The smell reminds you whenever you get in your new toy that it is brand spanking new and YOURS!!

Another thing I like about buying a new car is that you get to choose the style, options and colour. Not like a used car which you have no control over. The most exciting part of the whole brand new car process to me is the searching for the one that you know "is the one".

I am talking from experience. It wasn't until about four years ago that I bought my first brand new auto. I had waited for the opportunity all my life. I was finally financially secure enough, had a good down-payment, and had done my research. I had waited for the opportunity for a long time and the prospect of owning a brand-new-with-tags vehicle was massively exciting.

Then last year I bought my second new car and gave my "old" one to my daughter who had just graduated from high school and was starting her first year in college. When I say "old" I am being sarcastic, because I had taken very good care of the car and it was still in excellent condition and had low mileage.

Now, on the other hand my daughter tried giving me every weak and lame excuse in the book of why she should have a new car. I thought I would share some of my "witty" responses, in case you are ever in this situation....

She said, "I deserve a new car." My response was,
"You are getting a new car; this car is new to you." I also added, "I deserve a million dollars, but that doesn't mean I'll get it."
Then she gave me the lamest excuse of them all; 
"I'll be embarrassed to be seen in your car, my friends will make fun of me."I responded with,
"I've seen your friends' cars and yours looks like a Mercedes, compared to theirs!" Just to get my point across, I added,
"But if you feel that strongly about it, I will give the car to your best friend, Linda; she would love to have her own car." My daughter's mouth dropped open. She grabbed the keys from my hand and said, "Whatever!" and stomped off to her room. I stood there smiling and thinking how great reverse psychology is - the ultimate parent tool!

One very important thing to keep in mind is even though you are caught up in the excitement, don't rush into anything. If you rush into things it might end up being more costly for you. This is an important and emotional decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. You have to do your homework and research.

Now is the best time to buy a new car if you are able to afford it. The car industry is in a crisis and new car sales are in a slump. This means that car dealers and franchises have a large quantity of cars just sitting on their forecourts. Since they have a lot of inventory just sitting there they are prepared to do almost anything to sell a car, even if it is at a loss to them. There have been some crazy deals around - as enticing offers such as "Buy-one-get-one-free" (really!) and "Free Holiday with every new..." attempt to woo Joe Public into helping the troubled motor industry by parting with money they do not actually have.

The reality is that you can get unbelievable deals right now if you shop around, and aren't afraid to haggle for a discount. You notice I said aboveif you are able to afford it. Because no matter how good a deal looks, you might end up with huge car payments that will break your budget. If this is the case then it is wise to either keep the vehicle you have now or find a good used one that you can pay for and not worry about back-breaking car payments. Sadly, many people do get carried away with the moment, so good advice would be - if you are not one hundred per cent certain you can afford it then don't even bother taking a test drive. No matter how much of a bargain it may seem.

You have to be realistic when buying a new car. It is a major purchase and needs careful consideration especially in these hard economical times. There are benefits to buying a new car besides the prestige of owning one. Most new vehicles have great car warranty that will cover almost any mechanical problem which may occur. They are designed with more improved safety features including airbags. They are built to be more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. These are just a few of the things to consider.

Another advantage to buying new is the peace of mind you get from knowing that your car has not been driven poorly or abused by someone else. Everyone drives differently and some people are naturally hard on cars. When buying used you generally don't know how the car was driven or if it was properly maintained - full service history notwithstanding. When you buy new you get to imprint your own driving habits on the vehicle.

When it comes right down to it; there is no right answer to which is better - buying new or used. It is a personal choice and both are good choices depending on your mindset. If you buy a used car from a reliable dealer you will have a good dependable vehicle. Just because a car is used doesn't mean it looks bad. There are many sharp, stylish used vehicles out there. If you are interested in buying a different vehicle just make sure you look at all the options before deciding what is best for you and your lifestyle.

The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily held by the Click4Group unless specifically stated. The material is for general information only. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation.
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