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Audi Innovation

Innovation is a word that should come to mind when you think about Audi. After all, the word even appears on their website. For the best in car innovation, Audi is definitely near the top of the table.

A short history of Audi

You have to go way back to 1899 to find the first inklings of the modern brand we call Audi. August Horch was the man who got the ball rolling back in 1899, although it would be another two years before he got his first car up and running.

But this fledgling company would not be the company that grew into the modern day Audi. Horch ended up leaving his original baby and creating another company which this time was called Audi. This means Horch in Latin!

What are the key company brands worth watching out for?

If you’re into sporty cars you’ll definitely be familiar with the S range of motors from Audi. All the sports models have an S at the beginning of the name, followed by the number of that particular model. So you’ll see the S3, which is a small hatchback and the S4 saloon. One of the most sought after of all is the S5 coupe, although the TTS is certainly eye catching too. As a roadster and coupe you’ll certainly be tempted to get behind the wheel of this one!

In addition to the main sports range you’ve got the RS models too. There are just three of these and they stand for Racing Sport. If you want the ultimate in a sportback, coupe or roadster model, check these out and see how tempted you are.

Elsewhere the Audi company is also known for the A range, going from A1 – a hatchback – to the A8 L, a nice large luxury car for all occasions. And don’t forget the famous Audi TT, which gives you a splash of the sports car together with a comfortable interior and feel.

What is the Audi company ethos?

Audi is well known among company car drivers, as it is a popular choice in this situation. But perhaps the main ethos among those working at Audi is to provide cars to be enjoyed by all kinds of people. You can see the unmistakeable lines and shape of many Audi cars, and yet you can buy anything from a coupe sports model to a large family car. Everyone is catered for but it all comes in the standard style of an Audi vehicle.

Back in 1931 the company remained afloat only by forming a union with other companies. A total of four companies joined forces, to bring Audi into modern times. It is perhaps the idea of these four companies coming together that has influenced Audi’s ideas ever since, and it also stands for the four rings that we would all recognise as Audi’s logo.

There is no doubt that Audi has gone through a turbulent existence at times since Mr Horch got started way back in 1899. But it has succeeded in bridging two turns of the century as well – luckily enough for us. To protect your new Audi from car depreciation get a quote for Audi gap insurance today, read more

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