Gap insurance cover for your BMW

BMW have three main brands excluding their fantastic Motorcycles which are also legendary. They are BMW, BMW's new Mini, and the great Rolls-Royce, a marque everyone aspires to own. The UK is unique in that this is the only place in the world where all three brands are also manufactured here in the same country. The Mini has been built in Oxford since 2001 with over half a million rolling off the production lines in that time. The most powerful mini produced by BMW is the Works Mini. 

Motor sport has heavily influenced the engineering and development of these new Mini models

These new minis feature turbocharged, direct petrol injection four-cylinder engines. Production of John Cooper Works-tuned cars is all set to resume at MINI's Plant Oxford in 2008 when customers will be able to order factory-built MINIs that produce a reported 200 + bhp and have a 0-60mph sprint time of well under 7 seconds. This compact little car is one of the most powerful minis ever build alongside the 2006 The MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works (JCW) GP Kit that had a reported power output of 218bhp, there are only a few retro fit companies worldwide who are able to professionally do the same with aftermarket parts.
According to an article on MSN motors in January 2008 the BMW 3 series was the UK's 10th biggest seller at 295,312 units being sold last year! The 3 series has not changed much over the past few years, the latest model is the E90 and it was in my mind a big jump forward in styling, a class above the rest at the time it was launched which has been mimicked for two years by the other manufacturers including to some extent. That's why they are so great. They have style, class, technological advances and ultimately a great price tag, making their 3 series affordable to most of us and their reliability of models post 1990 mean that older BMWs are easy to come by and as everyone can appreciate that's a lot of car for your money! Unfortunately they do not hold their second hand value which is why even a 2002 3 Series can be bought for a great price today. Gap Insurance can help you protect against this depreciation should you have an accident and your insurer only offers to pay you out the book value (market value). Note that is the insurer only pays the vehicles book value as it stands at the time of the accident, not your purchase price! Get a quote for gap insurance.

BMW have a great tradition of helping local economies

BMW help keep local people working and the vehicles unit price down at the same time and one of the ways in which this is achieved is because BMW produce and then ship out various components of their cars to factories where they are finally assembled before being sold around the world. One such factory is in South Africa where the vehicles parts are shipped in containers and final assembly takes place at the factor prior to going on sale. This helps the local labour industry and final vehicle cost too. Great news for any local economy! Other factories receive parts such as the Four-cylinder petrol engines which are build in Hams Hall, one of the BMW plants here in the UK. Generally these engines are shipped to destinations in Germany, the USA and Austria too. 

BMW Corporate employ a huge number of people worldwide!
According to the official BMW website around 8,000 people in the UK are employed by BMW with another 11,000 people in its 158-strong dealer network representing the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands, read more 
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