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The Birth of Honda
Soichiro Honda was born on November 17 1906 in Komyo Village (Tenryu City now), Iwata County. This was a poor family with strong bonds and Soichiro Honda was educated by his Father Gihei Honda who was insistent about him having basic discipline. Soichiro inherited his father’s dexterity and inquisitiveness for machines when growing up.

Corporate Profile

Honda Motor Company LTD established in 1948, Honda operates under the principles of “Respect for the Individual” and “The Three Joys”. The Joy of Buying, the Joy of Selling and the Joy of Creating. 

Since Honda was first started the company has been a pioneer in cutting edge technology. Honda as a company has grown into the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers and one of the principal automobile manufacturers striving to atain a balance with nature and our natural environment. They have also remained at the top of the tree for delivering quality, dependability and reliability of the highest order and all at the best possible price.

Research and Development

New Challenges for the future of Honda.

Honda is continuously occupied in hi-tech investigation and expansion aimed at helping people in the future, as well as moving forwards with existing product development. These technologies vary from new resources and new sources of energy, to new engines, gearboxes and driveshafts which will improve performance as long as it is not at the cost of the environment. Honda is all about minimum eco-impact. In cooperation with the Research Institute for Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), Honda is striving to produce ethanol from cellulosic biomass, a promising, secure supply of environmentally responsible alternative fuel.

In 2008 Honda released a walking assist device to help support the body’s weight for aging and physically impaired conditions. Honda gathered information through human walking research and the development of ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility).

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Everyone is familiar with the name Honda. But did you know the man behind the brand, Soichiro Honda, was focused on the idea of making motorcycles, not cars, available to everyone who wanted them? Honda led an amazing life up to the point where he formed his own car making company, but the life he led afterwards would be even more spectacular.

A short history of Honda

His father set up a bicycle shop and caught the wave of the popularity of bicycles in Japan. This brought a new beginning to the Honda family, and one that would eventually see Soichiro Honda found his own company – Honda, of course – in 1948, together with Takeo Fujisawa.

Eleven years later in 1959, the company became the biggest manufacturer of motorbikes. This is a position it still holds today, so Mr Honda’s dream of making motorbikes available to everyone has safely been fulfilled. Of course the company is also well known for producing all kinds of cars.

The first year in which something other than a motorbike rolled off the Honda production line was 1963, when a pickup truck was created. Hot on the heels of this was a sports car, showing that Honda was capable of producing all kinds of different vehicles.

What are the key company brands worth watching out for?

Most people will be aware of the Honda Civic, since it has been in production for nearly forty years, having first come into being in 1972. The car is a big hit with many people.

There are a couple of other brands that predated the Civic and are around today as well. These are the Life Model and the Vamos model, which first rolled off the production line in 1971 and 1970 respectively. However they were only around for about four years in each case, before being revived in the late Nineties.

As with most car manufacturers some brands haven’t caught on in the way that others have. The Civic is arguably the best known of them all, but you probably also know about the Accord, which has been around since it first became available in 1976. The company’s modern day efforts have been in the hybrid area of car making, with several models including the CR-Z making their way onto roads everywhere.

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What is the Honda company ethos?

Clearly the idea of making motorbikes available to all was one that Soichiro Honda was keen on turning into a reality. Despite the growth in manufacturing cars the company has still managed to keep this original dream alive.

The modern day Honda company is in many ways the same as it was when it began all those years ago. Even thought the company has grown up and advanced as technology has advanced – reaching the heights of the hybrid cars we see today – it is easy to see that Soichiro Honda, who died in 1991, would still be proud of the company he left behind. Honda is still going from strength to strength
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