Gap insurance cover for your Nissan

From small versatile cars to larger family style models, Nissan has conquered virtually every part of the car market. Nowadays we can even buy electric cars from Nissan, but things were very different in its earliest days.

A short history of Nissan

You have to head all the way back to Boxing Day 1933 to find the origins of this famous car manufacturing company. This is when five people founded Nissan under its original name of Jidosha-Seido Ltd.

Just one year later the fledgling company has a name change, giving it the name we know it as today – Nissan Motor Company Limited. At this point just one man was in charge – Nihon Sangyo.

What are the key company brands worth watching out for?

One of the most famous Nissan brands of all is surely Datsun. The Datsun name was said to be created from letters taken from names of the investors who put money into the company. The Datsun name can be traced back to 1914. There have been many variations of the Datsun over the years, including most notably the Datsun Cherry throughout the Seventies and early Eighties, and the Datsun Sunny.

But there have been plenty of brands under the Nissan name itself. The Bluebird will be familiar to many, but if we come out of the past and into the present we can find lots of outstanding models that are doing well in the marketplace. These include the Nissan Qashqai and the Nissan Terrano. The company has clearly done well to come up with modern brands that appeal to a wide range of society, giving everyone the opportunity to buy just the type of car they need.

Nissan has certainly come a long way since it released its first ever passenger car under the Datsun brand back in 1931!

What is the Nissan company ethos?

There have been many changes to the original company since it was first formed. But it has undergone them all and come out the other side with even more success than it had before. It has also had the confidence to strike out and connect with other countries and motor companies, including Renault, Ford and Prince. You may not have heard of the third company, but Nissan merged with that company back in 1966.

Nissan has constantly strived to be at the leading edge of design and car creation over the years. You only have to look at its more modern design in the Cube to see how different it can be. The Cube is a very unusual looking car that is unlike any other on the market today. It is said that it refuses to conform, and this is definitely the case when you look at it!

Nissan has decades of experience in the industry and still it strives to innovate and move ahead. While its past is clearly important, its present and future are still being created. This is the company ethos – and quality stands out at all times. Protect your new Nissan with Gap insurance.

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