Car Owners Being Fleeced By Wheel Clamping Companies

It seems that the outcry for help from the public is getting louder by the year! Yes, so-called legal wheel clamping companies are once again making the news. A survey undertaken by Liverpool Victoria Insurance shows that there was an increase of up to 64% of wheel clampings by private companies, who the public it has to be said feel operate outside of legal boundaries!
A staggering 4% of victims clamped by these unscrupulous companies even had their cars damaged during the process and the figures also indicate that a massive 11% of drivers who have had their wheels clamped over this period by these private operators were kept waiting after the extortionate payments had been made.
It is little wonder that there are serious calls for the Government to place stringent regulations in place to protect private citizens from these clamping companies. Of great concern is not only the amount of money to be paid for the release of your vehicle, but also whether or not the punishment fits the crime, and in most cases the public seem to believe that it does not! 
According to one online article I read the total cost to British Motorists for the past year was £58 000 000 which they handed over to the wheel clamping companies. It certainly is high time that the Government steps in and imposes some stringent codes of conduct, which these wheel clamping companies must be forced to follow. Secondly, the fines should be reduced by at least 3/4 and an independent appeals service should be available to the public if they feel they have been unfairly clamped. This would mean that wheel clamping companies could then be forced to pay back all money given to them should they lose the appeal.
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