Car Warranty War Rages On


5 Year New Car Warranties are becoming more prevalent in today’s car market. But just how flexible and just how much value do these new car warranties hold for the new car buyer?

Well it certainly looks like the car manufacturers are battling to be crowned king of the new car warranty offer. Kia and Hyundai are still at the top of the league in my book, however other manufacturers are following suit with Vauxhall being one such manufacturer who is determined to play ball on the frontline! Vauxhall are offering a lifetime warranty deal sold on new cars on or after the 1st August 2010, but and it is a pretty big but, Vauxhall have limited the warranty to just 100 000 miles. After that, the warranty is finished and you’re on your own. There are some other conditions too including that your new Vauxhall must be serviced at a Vauxhall dealership and that means main dealership prices, it only covers the first owner, so should you decide to sell your car after 3 years, the warranty does not go with the car either. 

If you are about to retire and plan to drive just a few thousand miles per year, can comfortably afford the servicing and would be happy to drive the same car for the remainder of your driving years, then perhaps this 100 000 miles / lifetime warranty offer by Vauxhall is the answer for you, likewise if you are looking to buy a second car for running the kids to school in, this does seem like a great offer.

All I can say is there may still be more reliable and even slightly cheaper cars like the Kia Cee’d that offer similar benefits at reduced costs. But do not expect the likes of Ferrari or Porsche or Mercedes to jump into the lifetime warranty market anytime soon, but the great thing about Mercedes is that they do offer a comprehensive 3 year warranty with no mileage limitation! Our car warranty division provide extended car warranties for those of you looking to extend your expiring car warranties and already does provide many thousands of used car buyers with used car warranties covering a wide range of vehicles. For information or a quote call 0844 50 90 303

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