Desperate Seller Provides Useful Info on 'How To Save At The Pump'

With the national average cost of a litre of unleaded now 97p with no sign of slowing down, Desperate the UK’s premier car buying & selling website shares a few tips on how you can save at the pump.
1. Think about how you’ll pay. Some credit cards, such as the AA Visa Card offer double points on all fuel purchases. Its worth shopping around to see if you can get a credit card that gives you cash back or bonuses for fuel consumption.
2. Refuel when prices are low, not when your tank is empty. To find the best deals on fuel, use the internet. Websites like; and offer area fuel price comparisons. Simply enter your postcode and up pops the cheapest petrol in your area.
3. Think about your driving. Smooth driving and proper gear selection can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. The RAC’s tips for saving on your petrol bill include reducing your speed. Drivers who reduce their speed by 10mph can save 40p on fuel for every 10 miles. Lightening the load, by removing roof racks or taking golf clubs out of the boot can also reduce your fuel consumption by 2.5%.
4. Keeping cool. Did you know that driving with your windows open on the motorway reduces your fuel efficiency far more than using the air conditioning? By moderating your use of the air con and you could reduce your fuel bill by up to 10%.
5. Plan your journey before you set off. Its estimated that 20% of driving time is spent getting lost on unfamiliar roads, so plan your journey before you start.
6. Don’t top off the tank. When the petrol pump nozzle clicks, it’s full. And due to the various pollution controls on the pump, the additional fuel you try to put in your tank may be fed back into the station’s tanks instead.
7. Under inflated tyres can add 2.5% to your fuel consumption so try and check your tyres once a month and keep them at the correct pressure.
8. Consider your car’s fuel efficiency before you buy. Drivers are able to save hundreds of pounds a year in fuel bills by choosing a greener car, and have a wide selection of fuel-efficient cars for you to choose from.
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