Forward-facing speed cameras set for trial


Forward-facing speed cameras are to be tried out in central London in a bid to stop motorists trying to avoid penalty points.

The cameras, which will reveal the driver's identity, will be introduced at two sites in Upper Thames Street.

If successful, the trial could lead to more sites being considered by the London Safety Camera Partnership.

The forward-facing cameras will support existing rear-facing ones. A digital image of the front of speeding cars will be taken, while a traditional speed camera will also capture an image from the rear.

Legal loopholes
Some people caught speeding attempt to avoid penalty points on their licence and a fine by claiming not to have been driving the vehicle when it was photographed.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone's road safety ambassador Jenny Jones said: ‘These additional cameras are aimed at the minority of drivers on London's roads who think they can break the law and get away with it.

‘We are determined to close the legal loopholes, catch the rogue drivers who put others at risk, and have a consistent approach to traffic law enforcement in London.’

Speed cameras
Chris Lines, head of Transport for London's road safety unit, said: ‘Some motorists believe they are above the law and should be able to speed without facing the legal consequences.

‘Speed is a contributory factor in a third of fatalities in London and we hope trialling these cameras will enable us to stop motorists who endanger lives by speeding.

‘We have proved in London that speed cameras do cut death and injury on the roads. Our new speed awareness workshops reinforce the message that speed cameras are about saving lives
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