MOT cost to rise


The costs of taking your driving test and getting your car through an MOT are set to rise, the government has announced

The maximum MOT fee for a car will increase next month by 14 per cent to £50.35.

Ministers say the increase is needed to cover the rising cost to garages of carrying out the test. But they add that the fee is a maximum charge and many garages will continue to charge less.

MOT testing
Transport Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman said: ‘We have kept this increase as low as possible, but it is necessary to cover the costs of the mechanics' time in fully checking each of the testable items.

‘Evidence shows that the average test now takes 58 minutes, and this increase reflects that additional length of time. I am sure that some MOT testing stations will continue to offer tests for less than the maximum fee, as many motorists shop around for the best deal in their area and savings of 10 per cent and even 20 per cent on the current price are already widely available on the high street.’

Meanwhile, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is considering adding new questions to the written part of the driving test which would increase the fee for this from £21.50 to £28.50. The new questions may include some on first aid and the dangers of unlicensed and uninsured driving.

Criminal checks
The DSA is now consulting on this and on other proposals, including plans for driving instructors to undergo criminal history checks.

DSA Chief Executive Rosemary Thew said: ‘Most driving instruction takes place on a one-to-one basis in a car. Often the driver is still a teenager. We feel it is appropriate that instructors undergo criminal history checks in the same way as other professionals who work with young people.’
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