Motorists Invited To Become Official HiQ Winter Tyre Testers!

Motorists are being invited to write their own headlines about the safety benefits of cold weather tyres - by applying to test drive a free set from the HiQ fast fit network and penning an independent review.
In an attempt to underline the dramatic driving advantages and safety benefits of travelling on cold weather tyres once the temperature drops below 7 degrees, HiQ is teaming up with Goodyear to give away 25 sets of cold weather tyres in return for objective reports about their performance, to be showcased online at
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With meteorologists predicting a sharp drop in temperatures from mid-November, HiQ is already championing seasonal switches and has even created 'tyre hotels' across its network to ensure stress-free changeovers.
HiQ's Retail Marketing Manager Geraldine McGovern said: "We can't stress highly enough the importance of driving on cold weather tyres this winter.
"But we don't want motorists to take our word for this. We want them to find out for themselves which is why we have teamed up with Goodyear to offer this giveaway.
"The UK perception that cold weather tyres only give benefits on snow and ice is out of date. Modern rubber compound technology and advances in tread pattern design mean that today's Goodyear products also provide higher levels of road safety on cold and damp roads too.
"Considering temperatures range from 32 degrees to -15 degrees in Britain, it is unreasonable to expect one type of tyre to provide high safety results."
All motorists have to do to stand a chance of qualifying for a set of free Goodyear winter tyres to test is to visit and say why they would like to become official testers, in no more than 250 words.
Motorists can enter any time between October 1 and October 31 and successful candidates will be notified by November 3.
Geraldine added: "Today's cold weather tyres are just as quiet and comfortable as normal tyres and offer significant driving safety benefits. HiQ will be stocking them across our centres as we think they are absolutely essential when travelling safely during the inevitable freezing temperatures. Motorists should act early to pre-order tyres as stocks are limited.
"We have already placed the largest order ever for cold weather tyres to ensure we have the products to meet consumer demand. We'd urge motorists to get in touch with their nearest centre for details on how to order."
Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, backed HiQ's cold weather campaign, after independent research commissioned by the organisation revealed that more than half of UK motorists felt less safe when driving in the winter.
He said: "Their biggest worry is that they will be involved in more accidents as the roads feel more slippery. With their additional levels of grip, winter weather tyres could allay this fear for many drivers."
For more information about becoming a HiQ cold weather tyre tester, visit
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