Motorpoint Poll Suggest UK Roads Could Get Worse

It seems that Government spending on our roads and highways is set to be slashed in an effort to help save the UK economy. On the side it is great to see that the economic situation is being tackled head-on, but on the reverse side a reported 85% of poll respondents to a Motorpoint poll felt less than optimistic about this.

With British roads being in poor condition already how will they fare with an expected cut in spending on the Department of Transports' budget is cut by an estimated seven hundred million pounds?

Among the busiest roads in Europe are the British motorways and with thousands of trucks and tankers from the continent hitting our roads each day the quality of our roads degrade quickly. 

Paul Winfield, the Operations Director at Motorpoint says: "Our road network is vital to the UK economy and any plans to slash maintenance budgets is likely to prove detrimental to the many individuals and businesses that rely on it for their livelihood."
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