Nationwide Autocentres Findings on MOT Failures


The government is considering extending the GAP between MOT tests to two years. New cars are currently exempt from MOT tests for the first three years and are always happy to provide these new car owners with a quote for GAP insurance on these new car purchases.

Nationwide Autocentres are spread around the country and carry out servicing and MOT's on most vehicles. The have just completed a study on first-time pass rates for new cars sold just 3 years ago as well as those sold 5 years ago. The most popular sellers that is. Here are some of the findings.

We have been singing our praises for the great BMW 3 series since day one and here again is proof we may just be right. The BMW 3 series was found to be the least likely vehicle to fail an MOT, with a failure rate of just seven percent! The Golf came in second place with a failure rate of almost twice the BMW 3 series at around eleven of each one hundred vehicles failing the first MOT.

Renault Meganes stood at 1 in 4 failing their first MOT and the Vauxhall Corsa came in close behind with 1 in 5 cars failing the first MOT.

When looking at the 10 year old cars Renault Clios were found to fail the most MOT's with the Vauxhaull Astras were found to be least likely to fail.

Nationwide Autocentres suggest that many motorists could save a small fortune by keeping a strict service regime, thus spotting signs of problems early and preventing them from occurring through proper maintenance. It is estimated that MOT failures are costing British motorists in the order of £920 million pounds annually!
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