New Laser Tools Diesel Smoke Meter — MOT Accuracy At Less Than Half The Cost


Meter, an entirely new design that has been developed to offer a fast and cost effective solution to checking the emissions from a diesel engine's exhaust.

New to the market is the remarkable Laser Diesel Smoke The technology used to measure the exhaust emissions is the same as that used in current MOT testing machines — it measures the smoke level of the exhaust gas in the same way and to the same specifications, all without the large financial investment that traditional MOT-specification smoke meters require.

It has been developed to allow the professional garage and home mechanic to check the emissions from a diesel engine for service and pre-MOT purposes. Easy to use and set up, a clear LED system shows green for pass and red for fail — it could not be simpler. And it is the same level of accuracy as the machine the MOT tester uses. The user can be confident that a pass on the Laser 5112 will equal a pass on an MOT machine provided the correct pre test procedure has been followed in both cases.
All turbo-charged and non-turbo diesel engines are catered for — the Laser 5112 has three settings, pre-July 2008 turbo, pre-July non-turbo and from July 1st 2008 (all). The machine is powered from the car's 12 volt power socket and is fully portable. Simply plug in, follow the straightforward instructions and the machine will self-calibrate. A few seconds later and it is ready to test, using the same full throttle test procedure as the MOT station.

The new Laser Diesel Smoke Meter will prove invaluable to garage businesses of all sizes — available now at a retail price of around £699.00..

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