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Recycle Week - Giveacar Challange The Nation To Donate 100 Bangers



Here's a date for the diary: Recycle Week. The sole aim, to help increase recycling at home, work and school, by raising awareness and promoting responsible waste management. 

What many of us don't know is that the benefits of recycling often go beyond the realms of saving forests and natural habitats. Recycling can save lives, and there's a social enterprise out there doing just that! 

Giveacar is setting the nation a challenge ahead of Recycle Week: to donate 100 cars in a week. It might sound slightly mad, but Giveacar have successfully been scrunching old bangers and interesting metal objects for over a year now. The first fundraising organisation of its kind in the UK, Giveacar specialises in the donation of proceeds from vehicle scrappage or salvage auction to charity. And boy, are they making a difference! Since their launch in 2010, the environmentally friendly enterprise has raised over £350,000 for over 400 charities in the UK.

It might sound like a simple rewarding process for the owner of a tired unworthy vehicle, on the contrary, Giveacar is forever persuading the people of Britain to 'let go' of their bangers. Tackling the emotional barriers of recycling can often lead to hording and a lifetime of personal belongings often with very little use. That's why Giveacar is campaigning alongside Recycle Week 2011 to encourage people to toss those emotional bonds aside and discover the benefits of recycling.

'9 out of 10 people would recycle now if it were made easier'

The social enterprise is on a mission to turn scrap metal into cash for it's associated charities, and what better week to encourage Britain to do something about their waste, than Recycle Week!

Giveacar will collect any car or vehicle anywhere in the UK, and donate its equivalent value in scrap metal to the charity of the donor's choice. From that unused banger, written off scooter, old pizza van to that 'vintage horse box', Giveacar avoids discrimination. Donors can choose a charity of their choice however the biggest benefactor is Cancer Research UK, having received over £60,000 since Giveacar launched in January last year. 

Whilst Recycle week focuses on everyday small electrical items, Giveacar provides a hassle free service to dispose of the larger personal objects you've been keeping for that rainy day. As summer fast approaches you may be waiting a while and there's no escaping the recycle mania. Help Giveacar reach their target for Recycle Week, and help make a difference...

Nominated in the 'Big Idea' category for the Observer Ethical Awards 2011.
Recent appearance on BBC1 - http://www.vimeo.com/21397399
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