Renault UK Launches Dealer Star Rating


Comparing dealership customer service in sales and service has just got much easier thanks to a new initiative launched by Renault UK

The Dealer Star Rating appears on the website as part of the "Dealer Locator" and will allow customers to share their experiences at each of Renault's network of dealerships.

After buying a new Renault or visiting an aftersales department, motorists will be contacted by Renault's Customer Satisfaction team and asked about their experience. 

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Each month, about 4,500 customers are interviewed and their responses are allocated a star rating. If a customer would definitely recommend the dealership, a five star rating is allocated. If the customer would recommend, but is not completely satisfied, a four-star rating is given, and so on. 

The star ratings will also incorporate verbatim comments, taken from the interviews, to explain what customers liked about their dealership experience. If appropriate, customers will also be invited to explain what the dealership could do to improve the quality of their experience. 

This new transparent system will allow customers to see, at a glance, the previous performance of the dealership, and will promote the high level of customer experience enjoyed by customers. However, it will be a balanced view. Any dissatisfied customers will be contacted by the dealership with the support of Renault's Customer Relations department so things can be put right as quickly as possible. 

So far, most of the network has achieved excellent levels of customer service, with 90% of Renault dealers having achieved a four star or better rating for aftersales and 98% in new sales. 

The website has been launched as part of Renault's quality improvement which is part of Renault's strategic plan, 'Drive the Change 2016' with the aim of ensuring consistency of excellence across its entire dealer network. 

Renault has already taken great strides ahead in its quality improvement programme, which has been reflected in internal data and independent surveys where Renault has improved its standing. Improvements include the following: 

Three year/100,000 mile warranty has been extended to every Renault registered from 1st September 2011 Which? 2011 car survey highlights recent Renault quality improvements, including four models in top 5 in their class for reliability - Clio, Grand Modus, Mégane and Scénic. Renault has also risen 10 places in last two Auto Express Driver Power surveys for its products Renault UK dealerships consistently improving - as shown by impressive rise of 16 places in last two Auto Express Driver Power surveys Following success of Renault Business Promise in past year, Renault Quality Commitment will shortly be launched for retail buyers 

Renault UK Quality and Services Director Mark Crockett said: "Renault's network delivers high standards of customer service with more than 85% of customers saying they would definitely recommend us. 

"We've listened to feedback where customer service is concerned and have made huge strides forward but there is always progress to be made. The Dealer Star Rating is one step in our 'Drive the Change' strategy that changes our relationship with our customers and joins other initiatives such as our UK-wide improvement programme, internal surveys and investment in improving the whole-life customer experience. 

"We are confident in the responses from our customers and this new website allows us to share the feedback. We'll also be sharing verbatim quotes so that customers can read other motorists' feedback and make an informed decision on where they want to purchase a Renault or have their car serviced. 

"Alongside this, all of our communication includes a 'Renault Quality Made' stamp to emphasise the importance of our focus on quality. 

"This hard work is on-going but results have been reflected in the recent results of independent motoring surveys including the last two Auto Express Driver Power surveys." 

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