Traffic App Waze Relaunches v3.0 For iPhone

The free traffic app Waze launched, v3.0 for the iPhone offering an even slicker navigation experience. The new design shows a full screen map displaying traffic and events such as street fairs or protests as they happen, so drivers can pick the best route for their journey before they set off. With just two large buttons on the map, the guidance system has also been amplified with large fonts and complete text-to-speech capabilities for optimised hands-free navigation. For peace of mind why not invest in Gap Insurance, helping you fight car depreciation.
Combining user-generated data from people driving, checking in, and reviewing locations in real-time with community-curated data from Foursquare and Yelp, Waze users can now search in a new navigation setting for real-time events like sports events and local fairs as easily as they would find their local supermarket. 
Waze currently has 7 million users with 1 million new users joining each month. 
“Nothing beats the power of people when they come together. Waze’s core differentiation has always been the social and real-time elements, so it was only natural for us to enhance the user experience with local discovery. Our community has been asking for these features for a while, and we listened,” said Yael Elish, VP of Product at Waze who has led the redesign project.
Along with Waze’s iPhone users, Android fans can expect the new design in the coming months. Waze is available for free from the Apple AppStore and Android Market. You can also find it at 
A demonstration of the new features can be seen here: and screen shots available on request.
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