UK Drivers Urged To Shop Around For Cheap Car Insurance Deals

British motorists are being hit harder by increased costs as lenders are charging more. According to executives at Biba the motoring public should think twice before simply accepting a price increase on their insurance premiums every year.
The fact of the matter is that your car is a year older than it was 12 months ago and as such it is worth less ( Did you know :: Gap insurance is taken out by hundreds of thousands of UK motorists every year to combat car depreciation ).
Also wear and tear, new models on the market and increasing pressures on finances affect the premiums you should be paying. Moving to a quieter neighbourhood could actually substantially lower your premium, moving to a house with a drive or garage could also mean you qualify for a bigger car insurance discount.
Shop around for a great price and remember to look at the policy benefits offered before you buy too! 
According to the AA, the average car insurance premium has increased by six per cent to £682 a year over the last 12 months. (May 2008)
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