Use The Correct Oil In Your Engine Or Pay The Price


A leading British lubricants company has launched an advertising campaign to advise motor dealers and motor garages of the importance of using the correct oil in vehicles of all dedonthackions.

Morris Lubricants, based in Shrewsbury, has issued posters to customers that ask: "Can you afford to use the wrong oil? Protect or pay."

Managing director Andrew Goddard said: "New technology engines rely on he correct oil to ensure that they work efficiently. Using the wrong oil is going to limit the lifetime of the engine and could have catastrophic consequences.

"Incorrect oils will affect after-treatment devices, such as catalysts and diesel particulate filters. If these devices stop working effectively, exhaust gas emissions will be poor and the engine will shut down or run at reduced power.

"After treatment devices are expensive to replace and are not covered by manufacturer's warranty if the incorrect oil has been used, even for top up."

Mr Goddard has reported an upsurge in calls to the company's technical desk - 01743 232200 - where experienced lubricants staff advise callers who are unsure about which type of oil they should be using.

Morris Lubricants is Britain's leading family-owned, independent oil blenders and marketers. The company, which employs 140 people, has around 4,000 customers in all corners of the UK and exports to more than 65 countries worldwide.

The company sells more than 800 product lines, including the latest auto and motorcycle lubricants technology for modern engine and transmission designs, as well as tailored grades for the traditional classic, veteran and vintage vehicle market.

Mr Goddard is a fifth generation direct descendant of entrepreneur James Kent Morris who established the company in 1869 at the age of 22.

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