Used Car Buyers React To High Almost New Car Prices

Well, it seems that after almost a year of growth for car sales in the used car market, high asking prices have resulted in British Used Car Buyers looking to cheaper and slightly older vehicles after a month where the used car market went from struggling to find quality used cars to having more choices than they may have needed.
According to reports from the BCA (British Car Auctions) the slowdown was to be expected this time of year and also worth noting was the marked increase of available used cars on the market. 
Andy Bendell, Click4Gaps' Marketing Director said “Along with the influx of used cars on the market, car buyers find they have a better chance of negotiating a better price from the dealer and more cars mean buyers can afford to look around, often picking up vehicles with tremendous specifications at a lower cost than just a few months ago. Car buyers are always looking to save a few pound if they can.”
It seems that car buyers are starting to favour slightly older cars due to the increases we have been seeing in the market place.
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Did you know that the BCA make finding and buying quality used vehicles easy, with more sales on behalf of more vendors - including dealer part-exchanges, fleet and lease vehicles, ex-rental, specialist prestige or 4x4 cars, and more.
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